The Fantasies - Gimme Bubblegum!

In The Loup:

The Fantasies - "Gimme Bubblegum!"

TV GIRL - Benny And The Jetts

TV GIRL first caught our attention last summer with the release of If You Want It, sampling a seventies jam from Todd Rundgren into a nice breezy lo-fi track. This summer, they did it again with their four-track-EP Benny And The Jetts.

TV GIRL are Trung Ngo and Brad Petering, hailing from San Diego, California and releasing sugary sweet pop songs with a psychedelic twist. Their tunes won’t set the dance floor on fire, but they sure are perfect for a lazy summer afternoon at the bay’s edge. And that’s all where we want to be right now.

The full Benny And The Jetts EP is avaible for free download at their facebook page, so why don’t you get over there by clicking here and have some fun.

TV GIRL- "Lizzy Come Back to Life"

TV GIRL - "Benny And The Jetts"

In The Loup

Call it what you want, but we call it In The Loup. We use this kind of entries to keep you in the loop and share tunes in a quick way. Oh and yes .. un loup .. it’s french.

In The Loup:

James Pants - “ Alone

The War On Drugs – Baby Missiles

This song undeniably deserves a spot in your summer playlist. “Baby Missiles” is just one of the many highlights of The War On Drugs's forthcoming second album Slave Ambient, which is out August 16th on Secretly Canadian.

Listening to The War On Drugs makes you wanna go on a crazy road trip and this exciting band from Philedelphia captured that feeling beautifully into a stunning video, made from super 8mm film footage from lead man Adam Granduciel.

Ode to the kaleidoscope and have a nice day!

directed by Labour and produced by Greencard Pictures

The War On Drugs - “Baby Missiles

little blue house

Go see these guys live if you get a chance. Unknown Mortal Orchestra have recently released a soulful psych debut for Fat Possum Records (get it here) and it’s an absolute gem. Their hypnotic songs somehow bring us in a vintage time warp, showing us some dark places, but always guiding us back to where the sunbeams shine bright upon us.

UMO was initially conceived by New Zealand native Ruban Neilson, who got stuck in Portland, Oregon, and pieced a band together, with a skilled producer, Jake, on bass and a brilliant teenage drummer named Julien to fill out the band.

Oh and by the way: the “the little blue” building on their album cover does exist. It’s one of several monuments, or Spomeniks, built in Yugoslavia in the 1960s and 70s to symbolize the strength of Communism. Want to see some more? Go check out bumbumbum posting about it by clicking here.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Little Blue House